Acrylic landscape practice

A landscape that exists only in my imagination. Lesson learned: it’s hard to make sense of light and colour when there’s no reference (i know that’s obvious to the point of “duh!”, but sometimes the idea of a painting is so strong that I just want to give it a try).

Featured post

A comment from a fellow blogger, and an email from a friend, made me think I should say that I’m ok. I draw from what I see around me – and feel, too – but this one is about the people on my block who seem to be hurting more than usual, who’ve had their share of disappointment and hardship, and who are especially vulnerable as the days grow darker and colder.

Dead man standing

I wanted to draw a body on the ground but couldn’t get the foreshortening and perspective right so he looks like he’s in the early stages of becoming a walking zombie – on tiptoes. I do struggle with this stuff, but sometimes it’s also pretty entertaining.

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