How we see

woman with ice cream

My daughter was looking at daily sketches I’d done over the past few months and said, “You see the world in a dark way.”

“Really?” I asked. Her observation came as a surprise.

I saw the worn clothes and bundled possessions of the woman in this sketch. But what I was most struck by was her pleasure.  She was lost in the moment with her ice cream, her eyes half closed. It seemed she was letting the world disappear for a while,  allowing her surroundings – a deserted strip of storefronts by the transit terminal – to soften and fade. What I saw was her pleasure, what I imagined was her as a child, what I felt was a little hope. Because she was having a moment of grace in what was obviously a difficult time in her life.




  1. My children have the same kind of response. “You see things in such dark (depressing) ways.”
    It always makes me feel worse. I feel I shouldn’t be showing them what I have written because
    it makes them feel bad. Nonetheless, I write what I write and sometimes they see it, but mostly
    they don’t.


  2. I think youngsters take happy moments for granted, so many of them in their life. Whereas we, to whom childhood innocence and simple pleasures are only a memory, hone in on them. Maybe

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  3. Sometimes the artist, sees with a “third eye”, the eye of the soul and we put a little bit of ourselves in each piece. Its true across all the arts. Keep it up. Your drawings are very good. All the best.

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