Red light

We’ve had a cold snap here this week and I’ve been inside the last couple of days with a cold. I dug through drawings from last winter and found this one.  I was in a streetcar that was crawling through traffic when i saw a  man who looked like he couldn’t wait for the light to change so he could move away from the young woman behind him.


  1. A direct approach. Very effective layout with the red traffic light on a level with the man’s head and the woman above the drain. Now you’ve pointed out she’s got no coat, i’m thinking about the warm blush shadow he’s casting and that red hot face. He looks the more uncomfortable

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      • I know I don’t do nearly enough critical thinking about what I look at, but once I do it’s so interesting! My thinking was sparked off by Morris’ comment above – the ‘leaves me cold’ immediately made me think of the red in the picture and why as an observer we could feel left cold. Then I got thinking about feeling and unfeeling. This picture definately asks lots of questions of the observer

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