She talked from the minute she got on the streetcar, pushing her way through the  crush of coats and back packs until she found a pole she could hang on to.  Traffic was bumper to bumper and it was a slow commute. So young to have these stories. So early in the morning to already have cried.


  1. Hold on I’ve not finished ! People will chatter away on our trams, but less so on the bus – although the bus leads to some uncomfortable attempts at personal conversations! She has a sad, but dreamy look. I wonder if people find comfort being close to others on public transport. If you don’t speak perhaps you are in danger of being invesible there too. Whar a great picture and story!

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    • It made me sad too. For sure a vulnerable – and yes, maybe lonely adolescent. (A couple of days later I saw another interaction on the streetcar that was really lovely between a panhandler and another transit rider – will try to get that drawn and inked for my next post – as balance!)

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  2. People are desperately lonely. The phenomenon has grown since the ‘smart phone’ was developed.. It’s easy to think that everyone wants to know what’s on your mind.

    I like.

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