The parts I like

I just took a week to do some painting (acrylic and pastel). I wanted to focus on technique, but there was so much to figure out and so many things that could, and did, go wrong that I was overwhelmed. I pushed on and painted one lifeless piece after another.

Somewhere mid-week, I realized that learning to paint – learning to get down what’s in my head – is going to be a long road and I should probably try to approach it with some softness and lightness (the thought helped).  My daughter said I should make a quilt of all the small corners of the paintings that I liked. I thought that was a grand idea so here’s a mock up of what my quilt would look like after this week. One day maybe I’ll print it on fabric and sew it up.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, painting is a lifelong quest. (Part of my frustration with the week was that I was hoping to produce a few small paintings for a fundraiser but nothing frameable came out. It was actually some consolation to take little bits and but them together like this. )

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  1. Your birds dominate–and they’re wonderfully realistic. But they contrast too much
    with your more impressionist work. I would make two quilts–one of birds and one of
    your impressionist trees.


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    1. Thanks, OA! The tree in front of the brown building is from a photo of my street and the half face was a portrait that I scratched out. (I was working on mylar. It’s a pretty nice surface for experimenting. Really rugged and doesn’t buckle – and you can paint on the back as well as the front and get colours showing through.)

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      1. I used acrylic, oil pastel and pencil and they all took well – I think charcoal takes well too. Not sure about watercolours … just didn’t have any on hand. (i was given a pad of mylar sheets at xmas. but I think some art supply stores sell also sell them as single sheets (not to be confused with single sheets of acetate). The company that made the mylar I used is called Yugo – it seemed pretty good quality:


  2. Not being a painter but still very opinionated about the art and why I like it.
    Whenever I look at a painting, first impressions are important. I may find a second reason to like a piece but rarely if my first impression was negative.

    I liked your compilation piece at first glance, even though it is hard to explain in depth why. It looks like a marriage of abstract and impressionism, to me, it pleases the eye and teases the senses. It asks questions and that is all I can ask from art.

    In my opinion, you should print this on fabric (as you mentioned) and then make a few more paintings in this style.

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