This post is part of a conversation with Jon Amdall about using pan pastels to colour clothing and other large areas. I’ve just started playing with them and they suit my work style – I tend to work quickly and haven’t had much success with  colouring with pencils.

This is a quick sketch adapted from an old fashion illustration. I rubbed on two pan pastel colours (a deep yellow and almost lime green) – using an old piece of sponge. You can buy shaped sponge tools that allow for fine lines and precision. I erased parts of the pastel ‘wash’ to show highlights.

19 thoughts on “ Pencil and pan pastel ”

  1. This is a lovely technique. I am rather stuck on watercolour washes but I must try this. My dad was a working artist and in the end, was using pastels almost exclusively.

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    1. I thought of cosmetics too:-). I’ve been making large scale photocopies that I wanted to add colour to, but the paper was so thin that paint would have buckled it so these were a good solution. I like them because I can put down pretty strong colour, or barely any colour at all if I just use what’s left on the sponge. It does need a spray with fixative though.

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  2. Nice! Thank you for the example, that is extremely helpful. So, pan pastels seem to look a bit like watercolor when applied? That’s great, because I generally love the way water color plus pencil or ink looks (on other peoples’ art…ha ha, I’ve never done it). I’m not certain why, but pastel seems like it might be easier to mix with the colored pencil I use. I should buy some gray or darker color and give it a shot!

    I like the sketch, by the way. And thanks again for the demo!

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      1. Very cool, I think that will help for black shirts. There have been a few where I wanted a deep black color, but I wasn’t able to get that with pencil (or probably I just didn’t have the patience)

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