Acrylic landscape practice

A landscape that exists only in my imagination. Lesson learned: it’s hard to make sense of light and colour when there’s no reference (i know that’s obvious to the point of “duh!”, but sometimes the idea of a painting is so strong that I just want to give it a try).


  1. “Atmospheric” — that’s exactly what I thought. Something so soft and ghostly about this piece. It feels misty and cool to me and therefore welcoming, especially in the belly of a hot dry summer.

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  2. Great result! This is the most daring way to paint, I think. I hope to summon the bravery to try it. I read that Gauguin was a staunch partisan of painting from memory rather than from visible subjects.

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  3. Love the lines in this piece. It made me think and feel a lot which is something a lot of visual art struggles to do for me. This is a really great piece. It begs to have a story projected onto it.

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