1. It never fails to amaze me how much subtlety and depth of comment you manage to get in to such spare (beautiful) drawings and such brevity of text – you really have a gift for this. I do admire your skill! And always enjoy your posts.

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  2. Wonderful sketches, and the commentary makes me feel the irritation of Mr. Square Habit and the urge to get away from Mr. Square Thought. (Is he one foot out the door in the next panel?) Or, am I over-projecting? 🙂

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  3. I like this! I recently made a trip to the cannibas dispensary (CA recently legalized pot) and I blogged about it and told friends. I didn’t realize it would turn me into a “pot defender!” Someone commented that they would drive very slowly around the area where the shop is located now that they were aware of it. MY moth open, I said, “huh, it’s across the parking lot from BEVMO!” I bought cream for my arthritic fingers. Marijuana has never been a thing for me, but I’m defending it vehemently. I like to say I lead a conservative, meaning quiet, sedate lifestyle….but I’m a live and let live lady!

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