Acrylic practice – painting from photos

Dundas Street West – I took a photo of birds perched on telephone wires, but left out the birds so have this painting of partial rooftops and wonky wires (can’t figure out which brush to use, or how to control the stroke width,  or how to keep my hand from shaking as I try to paint gently swooping lines).  I might still add the birds to the wires, but for now I’m happy with this cropped view (it reflects a lot of the cell phone pictures I take while walking around).


  1. I have a strong attraction to this kind of view, one that seems truncated. Stroke width is a familiar problem to me. I’ve found that resorting to a tiny brush can be frustrating because it holds so little pigment. I inherited a mahl stick. I thought it was a thing of fiction until I started using it to steady my hand! Your paintings are great. Oops, another thought… I was intrigued some time ago by a term I encountered — you probably know it: “rigger,” to describe the smallest brush, so called because artists used it to paint the rigging of sailing ships.

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