Couples alone and together

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    1. Thank you, Sharon – that’s helpful to know. I’ve been working on portfolio pieces – this one wasn’t coming together (I think I still need to work on the light on the window and the drawing in general) but it’s good to know that the story in the illustration is coming through.

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    1. Thank you, Claudia. I was commenting to Sharon below that I’m working on some portfolio pieces – people, relationships, meaning of life (not really, but sometimes that creeps in :-)) – and this one was hard, partly because of the light and still figuring out drawing style and approach – but yes, good to know that it’s conveying some of the emotional story.

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  1. You capture small cues that add up for me. They stare in opposite directions, she at a passing, maddeningly happy couple (everyone else looks happy when you’re not), he at something or someone in the room. A slight slump to their posture, despair, resignation. Their drinks are different — his has a maraschino cherry garnish. She seems to hold her drink with two hands, a sign of tension or insecurity. His is perhaps drained dry — maybe he’s looking to order another. I hope you don’t mind my reading these things. It’s remarkable how much your drawings convey.

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  2. I know you haven’t posted much lately but I’d completely missed this…and it’s beautiful, definitely one of my new favourites. I hope you’re well. You are so noticeable by your absence x


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